The 14 Types Of Glassware You Need For Your Kitchen

Champagne Cocktail Glass on white marble bench top

Whether you’re a budding bar enthusiast who enjoys having all of the glasses available under the sun, or you prefer to be low maintenance and only whip the fancy cups out on special occasions, there are certain types of glasses that should be stocked in home kitchens across the globe.

So, without further ado, here are the 14 glassware types that you need for your kitchen–from general everyday cups to alcohol and cocktail glasses. Enjoy!

General Everyday


The carafe is the do-it-all, and is definitely a must-have for any kitchen. Generally handle-less and with room to hold large quantities of liquids, carafes are used to house all kinds of alcoholic and non-alcoholic beverages, from water and juice to white wine and rosé. However, thanks to their deep and long bodies, carafes are great for the latter.

Our carafe of choice: Bulb Carafe & Glass Green.




Jugs are one of the most common and versatile types of glassware in use today. Chances are you probably already have one in your kitchen! Thanks to their depth and volume, jugs can hold a variety of different liquids in bigger amounts - in our opinion, they’re best for non-alcoholic liquids including water, juice and cordial, and alcoholic beverages in large quantities such as punch. They can also come in a range of varying materials, from steel to aluminium, however you can’t go past a classic glass jug.

Our jug of choice: Retro Jug Amber.



Don’t be fooled by the flat bottom and simple design: thanks to their versatility, as well as their classic though elegant structure, tumblers are a kitchen essential. Tumblers are ideal to hold all kinds of beverages, from water and juice at breakfast to a fuss-free post-dinner wine. Whether colourful, bubble or crystal, the classic shape and undeniable versatility of the tumbler glass makes this type one you should invest in.

Our tumbler of choice: Crystal Tumblers - Pink with Gold Trim (Set of 4).




Goblet glasses are a great all-rounder, and may well be one of the most versatile types of glassware on this list. Thanks to their wide bowl and short stem, goblets can be used to serve an array of alcoholic and non-alcoholic drinks, from alcohol-free mocktails and iced teas to cocktails including the Aperol Spritz, Piña Colada or Midori Splice.

Our goblet of choice: Retro Goblet Amber - Set of 4.


Lowball Glasses

Lowball glasses, also known as a rocks glass, is generally used for the more simple cocktails (think the Old Fashioned, Negroni and Vodka Sour). Because of its shorter and wider structure, lowball glasses are also perfect for drinking your favourite liquor from–whether on the rocks or neat. These glasses are not solely reserved for cocktails and alcoholic beverages, though: you can just as easily enjoy your favourite cordial, soft drink or juice from these as you can your favourite rich cocktail.

Our lowball glasses of choice: Mixeur Trieste Low Ball (Set of 6).



Highball Glasses

In stark opposition to its lowball counterpart, highball glasses generally consist of taller glasses for drinks that generally need more room for ice, liquid or a non-alcoholic mixer–the Bloody Mary or the Mojito, for instance. Highball glasses are often referred to as a Collins glass, however Collins glasses are usually more narrow. A great piece to invest in nonetheless!

Our highball glass of choice: Pasabache Timeless High Ball (Set of 4).



Wine Glasses

As the name suggests, the wine glass holds red, white, rosé, sparkling and dessert wine. Generally, wine glasses are stemmed and tend to taper slightly at the top, however some wine glasses can be stemless and taper out at the top. The many forms a wine glass can take make them perfect for showcasing your own unique taste in your kitchen - entertain in style with a sophisticated and elegant ribbed crystal, show your aptitude for design with a Flemington acrylic, or go against the grain with a stemless. It’s your call.

Our wine glass of choice: Crystal Wine Glass - Pearl Lustre with Gold Trim (Set of 4).



Beer Glasses

If you’re a big beer drinker, this one’s for you. Beer can easily be drunk out of all types of glassware (and, if you’re in Australia, all types of shoewear too), however there are particular shapes of beer glasses that enhance particular brews: the pint beer glass, for instance, is thin at the bottom and widens towards the top, making it perfect for lagers, ales and stouts; whereas chalices and goblets have thicker walls, and are great for holding heavier beers.

Our beer glass of choice: Mixeur Classic Beer Pilsner (Set of 4).



Balloon Glasses

Balloon glasses are usually used to drink red wines. The name here is telling: the spherical and rounded shape of the glass is best-suited for red wines as it allows the liquid to aerate, which ultimately helps to release the bold flavours typical of red wine.

Our balloon glass of choice: Mixology Balloon Glass (Set of 6).

Champagne Glasses

What is a kitchen without a set of champagne glasses? Champagne glasses are available in a variety of styles (ribbed, acrylic and crystal, for three), and although they are often lumped into the one category, there are actually three different types of champagne glasses. 

Champagne Coupe

The champagne coupe is a shallow, broad-rimmed glass that is used to hold carbonated white wines.

Our champagne coupe of choice:  Crystal Ribbed Cocktail Coupe Blush Pink (Set of 4)


Champagne Flute

The champagne flute is a tall and narrow glass that preserves the quintessential champagne bubbles.

Our champagne flute of choice: Crystal Ribbed Champagne Flute Clear (Set of 4).




Wine Decanters

If you’re a passionate wine enthusiast, decanters are definitely a type of glassware you need. The purpose of decanters is to allow the liquid within it to aerate and breathe, which is why wine decanters are a must-have for vino connoisseurs. Decanters generally have a flat base, wide bowl and tapered neck, making them the perfect tool to get the most out of red wine. Pour in your favourite Shiraz, let it sit for a while, then serve and enjoy. 

Our wine decanter of choice: Mixeur Timeless Teardrop Decanter.


Whiskey Decanters 

Decanters are not just used for wine - they are a classic and timeless way to hold whiskey, too. Picture this: roaring fireplace, brown leather couch, and decanter and balloon glass full of deep brown whiskey.

Our whiskey decanter of choice: Mixeur Timeless Decanter Set.




Gin Glasses

You know a cocktail is special when it has its own type of glasses. In order to hold ice, garnishes and collect the botanical scents of gin, gin glasses are generally round and wide in their form. However, this typical shape does not restrict the gin glasses you can choose from–go for crystal ribbed, sparkly stemless, or classic spanish gin and tonic depending on your own personal taste.

Our gin glass of choice: Gin-Lover's Collection (Set of 4 Asst).


Margarita Glasses

In our humble opinion, margarita glasses are one of the funnest types available for the kitchen. The unique and distinct shape of the margarita glass makes creating the quintessential salt rim a breeze, and the glass can also be used for food dishes including guacamole and shrimp cocktails. There’s nothing you can’t do (or serve) with a margarita glass!

Our margarita glass of choice: Crystal Roma Margarita (Set of 4).



Martini Glasses

No entertaining space is complete without martini glasses. With its classic v-shape, long stem and circular base, the martini glass is one of the most recognisable types of glassware on the market. Whilst classic martinis can be served in this glass (French martinis, vodka martinis, etc), other cocktails including the Manhattan, Cosmopolitan and Lemon Drop can also be served in this glass, too.

Our martini glass of choice: Sparkle Martini Glass Gold (Set of 2).

Want a little more? Discover an extensive range of glassware types here.

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