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Champagne Flute - Caribbean Pink (Set of 4)

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$49.95 AUD
There is no denying the natural beauty of the Caribbean. This extravagant lifestyle is bustling with creativity and vibrancy. From the stem of the glass to its base are the vintage motif free form abstract shapes and patterns.  
The secret to having an amazing experience with champagne is to use a slim, upright bowl that limits oxidation. The Champagne Flute Caribbean Pink features a narrow bowl and a long stem. Its bowl minimizes the interaction champagne has with air, conserving the aroma and flavour of the champagne. For champagne lovers who prefer rims that are less distracting, this champagne flute is just perfect.

- Handmade Product
- Recycled Glass
- Imperfections & colour variations will occur
- Set of 4 glasses