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Toffee Wave Condiment Bowl - 15cm

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Montage Home in Collaboration with Robert Gordon Pottery are excited to bring you this exquisite handmade collection. The hand dipped mottled glaze is full of character, with speckles, runs and splashes making each piece a one of a kind addition to your kitchen.
Being a reactive glaze with a double dipped process, the unique surface is made when two colours are layered by hand. The glaze will vary piece to piece, dependent on a number of factors including glaze technician and location when firing in the kiln, bringing you unique designs with each piece. The variation is what makes each creation so special.
Australian Pottery company, Robert Gordon has a heritage which spans three generations of potters, starting with the renowned artist, June Dyson who worked from a tin shed with a dirt floor in 1945.

Wave Condiment Bowl Dimensions:
Diameter - 15cm
Height - 6.5cm